Vygone Zapper

vygoneWhat Is The VyGone Zapper?

The VyGone Zapper is a mechanical device designed for the treatment of cold sores, genital sores, shingles, molluscum, moles and warts. When placed on a sore, the VyGone Zapper applies a mild electro waveform which is supposed to stop viral activities and allow “fast natural healing.” The Zapper can be used as soon as you feel the signature tingling before an outbreak or can be placed directly onto an open sore. The mild electronic wave is said to help prevent blisters and lesions from forming or speed the healing of existing outbreaks.

How Does VyGone Zapper Work?

To be most effective, the Vygone Zapper should be applied to a clean area. Then, the user places the metal probes across the affected or tingling area. The device has a RED start button which, when pushed, initiates a mild novel beta electro signal waveform to pass between the probes. Although harmless, some users have reported feeling a slight tickle or a mild shock-like sensation. Keeping the device on the affected area, watch for the light to turn on, this light then switches colors in a few seconds and will turn off when the process is finished.


This product does nothing to actually treat the virus. There are no mechanical aids that have ever been shown to help increase the body’s natural defenses against the infection that causes the outbreaks in the first place. This device may be effective at speeding recovery from an outbreak, even an outbreak yet to become severe, but is not a preventative tool for treating HSV-1 or HSV-2 in the system.


This electrical device provides a safe, noninvasive remedy as opposed to harsh chemical treatments or expensive creams or pills that have to be used constantly. The Zapper is reported to simulate neural signals that stop the virus from activating while it is outside the nerves. Without viral interference, the body’s fast natural healing is then allowed to occur. Reports show the Zapper stops damage allowing sores to disappear in days instead of weeks. Some have also claimed to have seen preventative properties associated with its use if applied early at first itching, tingling or burning. Users can also apply the device as often as needed hourly, up to 8 times daily.

Final Thought

The Vygone Zapper is one of the more original products for the treatment of herpes you will find. It can be costly to constantly refill a prescription treatment or pay for ongoing natural remedies. With the Vygone Zapper there is no continuing financial responsibility. You may recognize similar successful products on the market that have been shown effective at treating other skin related problems such as acne. In the end, however, the same principle is being applied here as with any other herpes treatment you have found. The only real relief from these types of sores comes from the body’s own immune system. Whether that is accomplished using a mechanical device or a pill, the results will be the same.

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