quickclearWhat Is Quickclear?

QuickClear is a natural herpes treatment product that claims to contain a unique blend of powerful ingredients proven to relieve herpes symptoms. Quickclear claims to contain the “7 most powerful herbs to treat the virus that causes herpes outbreaks and cold sores.” The Quickclear formula promises to be formulated perfectly in an advanced delivery system capsule, which boosts natural defenses in your body to fight herpes.

How it Works

Quickclear claims to treat herpes related symptoms by restoring your body’s own natural defense system. To reinforce your own immunity, Quickclear uses a blend of herbs like: Burdock root, Ashwanganda root, Echinacea root, Passion Flower, Hydrangea root, Fenugreek Seed, Barberry Root. Many of these extracts can be found in products meant to speed recovery from all types of viral infections including the common cold and HSV.

QuickClear offers 4 treatment programs:

  • 3-Month (Virus Elimination Treatment): This program requires 1 capsule 2 times a day for 90 days. The company claims users will be “outbreak free” after the 90 days.
  • 5-day (Outbreak Elimination Treatment): During an outbreak you take 3 capsules 3 times a day for 5 days. After the five days they say your herpes or cold sore outbreak should be completely eliminated.
  • Quickclear Soothing Spray Gel
  • Quickclear Cold Sore Lip Treatment


Quickclear simply provides a product with several ingredients meant to boost your own immune system. Like any natural supplement, you don’t have the risk of harmful side effects when you use a natural remedy as opposed to a pharmaceutical product. The fact that most natural supplements are available without a prescription and can be purchased easily over the internet is also a big selling point for those who like convenience and discretion.


A prescription medication may carry the risk of side effects but the actual effect is more certain than with an herbal remedy. Herbal supplements do not have to pass any type of FDA approval to be sold and many don’t have the rigorous research backing up their claims that you would find with a prescription product. Those tests ensure the product you are buying does what it says it does. As is the risk with any medication that hasn’t been thoroughly tested, you don’t know if it will be effective or just a waste of money.


Quickclear makes use of a number of ingredients that are widely believed to have immune system boosting properties. You will not find many of the herbs other products claim have anti-viral properties but there is a lack of evidence such herbs actually help fight viral infections.

I think Quickclear is on par with most other natural remedies you can find for herpes. I like how they actually list the ingredients but there isn’t much that would distinguish this particular product from any of the other herbal medications on the market. Be careful when considering any such medication because the effectiveness is a matter of debate. There isn’t much research to back up the claims and these pills can be expensive.

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